PET-O-BED Original Pet
The original Pet-O-Bed are available in a variety of sizes from the
smallest 18" x 18" x 4.5" thick to largest of 35" x 48" x 6" thick.
PET-O-BED Crate Pet Bed
The Crate size beds are designed to fit most standard size crate are
only 4" thick but made with the same concept and contoured in the
center to create the nest area.
PET-O-BED Cover Only
Need a replacement or extra cover for your original or crate
Breed Specific
Leash Sets
Breed specific leash sets include both the collar and 4' lead.  
The stocking is in the shape of a bone
and includes a 2 knot rope bone,
fleece bone and bungee bones will
squeakers and red and green tennis
ball.  The stocking full of toys is sure to
keep your pet busy for hours!!
Pet Bed

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Original Beds
Crate Beds
Bed and Crate Covers
Breed Items